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Mentalism 2 - MAGIC GAME


此应用程序将读取在脑海中。试一试,看看。心术师读取你的想法、 猜数字你选择了。找出你怎么可以做这是真正的奥秘。App 魔法的花招。你可以将它用于 fingerti 魔术师和跟你的朋友一起这种神奇的游戏玩得开心。打动你学校的朋友、 同事或你的家人。此应用程序中是神奇的数字,你认为一个数和魔术师的猜测。__________________________________________________________________________
This application will read in your mind. Try it and see. The Mentalist reads your mind, guess the number you chose. Find out how you can do this is a real mystery. App magic, sleight of hand. You can use it for fingerti a magician and have fun with your friends with this game of magic. Impress your school friends, work colleagues or your family. In this application are magical numbers, you think of a number and the magician the guesses.